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Eliminates the need for
extensive wiring

Top-Rated Features

  • Compatibility with different fuels
  • Determination of tilt angle of sensor
  • Built-in shielding sensor

Offers a great combination of affordability and performance

Top-Rated Features

  • Connection via LLS protocol via RS 485
  • Oil & gas resistant housing with IP68
  • Cost effective sensor

Designed to determine the direction of rotation

Top-Rated Features

  • Ability to work with a relative tilt angle
  • Specialized algorithm for data smoothing
  • Quick and easy configuration

Monitor perishable goods during transportation

Top-Rated Features

  • Powered from a common onboard network
  • Sends result via 1-Wire interface
  • Built-in power stabilizer

Designed to read Bluetooth wireless sensors data

Top-Rated Features

  • Receives data from up to 16 wireless sensors
  • Can imitate up to 64 end devices
  • Inbuilt sensitive antenna

Measures fill and empty levels for grain management in storage and transit.

Top-Rated Features

  • RS- 485 interface with LLS
  • Automatic calibration
  • Bendable electrode

Monitors tire pressure and temperature in real time.

Top-Rated Features

  • Alerts on over-inflation
  • Reduces risk of tire failure
  • Eliminates manual tire pressure check

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Software Adaptive - Fuel Level Sensing Systems

Our fuel level sensors are engineered for effortless integration with your preferred software systems.
Our commitment is to provide an unparalleled, streamlined monitoring experience.


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